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Bootstrap 5 Customizer beta

The first Bootstrap 5 Customizer online! Change colors and other variables to render your own Bootstrap Theme.

Bootstrap Customizer

Password Generator Online

Generate and encrypt secure passwords directly online in the browser. Free and without tracking! Secure passwords for your accounts. Convert them directly into the most popular password hashes such as Argon or MD5. Also read the article on secure passwords.

Password Generator

Instagram Hashtag Analytics

Current statistics and interesting data on the most popular Instagram hashtags. Improve your ranking on Instagram. With our sophisticated algorithm, we analyze Instagram hashtags. As an Instagram marketer, you can find out detailed information and figures about hashtags. Just like #love or #instagood, the two most famous Instagram hashtag of all times!

Instagram Hashtag Analytics

SASS Variable Converter Online

We have created this converter tool because sometimes you need a plain list or even a HTML table of some SASS variables.

SASS Variable Converter

Offshore Web Hosting Advertising

If you are looking for private web space that cannot be spied on by the CIA and governments, offshore web hosting is for you. Our partners in Island provides affordable and anonymous webspace.

Offshore Web Hosting
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