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Why is it so important to have a strong password?
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Generate secure passwords, create hash values of any given string and many more features like checking the strength of your new password. By the way, we have ... passwords generated so far! No data saved on our server! Hosted in Germany

Generate password hash values

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What is Argon2i?

Argon2i is a key derivation function developed in Luxembourg by Dmitry Khovratovich, Alex Biryukov, Daniel Dinu. In 2015, it was chosen as the winner of the "Password Hashing Competition". Among other things, Argon2i is used in CM systems such as TYPO3, where high security standards apply.

What is md5?

The MD5 algorithm generates a 128-bit hash value and is the most widely used algorithm for passwords. Popular tools like WordPress or many websites use MD5 for password encryption. The algorithm developed in 1992 is slowly outdated and will probably soon be replaced or banished.

How use our Password Generator to create a secure password?

To create a new super-strong password, click on the button "New password", to the right of the password input field. The presets are already set optimally for most cases, but you can influence the length of the password. To make sure your password is strong enough, we'll test it for you right after it's created.


Why is it so important to have a strong password?

Are you one of those people who use the same password for all accounts, just to make it easier to remember? Or are you one of those who get upset when they are forced to choose a more complex password somewhere? Then it's time to rethink for you!

We live in a time when cyber crime has become an everyday occurrence. Just like in the real world, you cannot use the internet without any security measures anymore.

I mean, hand on heart, do you have the same key for everything at home? For the car, the garage, all doors and sheds? How would you like this idea? Pretty insecure, isn't it?

If someone finds out your key or your password, they can use all your accounts for criminal activities in a very short time, or even destroy them. This can also happen overnight, and it happens to thousands of people every day!

But how can hackers find out my password, it's a very weird password?

You think your password is safe just because no one else knows it? It may be that a person does not come up with the idea of ​​your password, but hackers have the technology for that! Simple passwords that contain too few numbers and special characters are too easy to "guess". A common method, to put it simply: The hacker often programs a small application that can test millions of password combinations in seconds.

Password strings that are too simple can therefore be determined too easily by algorithms and are therefore less secure than more complex strings.

Is this a bcrypt password generator?

Yes! Many people have been searching for "bcrypt password hash generator" recently, so here's the answer: Yes you can convert BCRYPT here ;-)

A complex password alone is not enough

Here are some expert tips on how you can move around the Internet more securely and how you can better protect your data from attackers:

  • change your password regularly
  • use complex passwords and manage them with a password tool
  • NEVER save passwords in the browser

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